Post Thumbnail of Ducks at Red Wings, 8 October
 game recap 8 October 2010

photo: AP
Now that’s what you call starting with a bang.  A big bang, punctuated loudly with 4 goals, a shutout, and a Gordie Howe hat trick.
Goals were as follows:
Detroit: Johan Franzen (Filppula, Bertuzzi), Mike Modano (Cleary, Stuart), Pavel Datsyuk (Zetterberg, Rafalski), Dan(ny) Cleary (Datsyuk)
Anaheim: none
Jonathan Ericsson Watch: 1 Game.
+ Wings …

Post Thumbnail of 2002 vs 2010: The Forwards
 summer speculation 12 August 2010

As I’m sure most of you were also doing last night, I watched the NHL Network air the ABC/ESPN broadcast of the 2002 Stanley Cup Game 5 win over the Carolina Hurricanes.  Gary Thorne and Bill Clement kept reiterating the star power, and the to-be Hall of Fame players.  That …

Post Thumbnail of Stars of the Series: Round 1
 stars of the week 28 April 2010

I wanted to post up my three stars of the series for the Red Wings against the Coyotes, and kind of pick up again on this little weekly feature that I had done earlier in the season…
#3: Jimmy Howard
You gotta hand it to the kid. His first ever playoff series, …

Post Thumbnail of Round 1, Game 7: Red Wings at Coyotes
 game recap 28 April 2010

(I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that the first thing that came to mind when I started writing this wrapup was “Phoenix Down.”  Clearly I’ve been playing too much Final Fantasy in my off time.)
Now that’s what I’m talking about.  I had faith in this team that they would bring …

Post Thumbnail of Round 1, Game 2: Red Wings at Coyotes
 game recap 17 April 2010

My former roommate, and recent convert to Red Wings nation (and hockey in general) back in New York IM’d me shortly after the game ended and made a comment that caused me to laugh a little:
ok, don’t get me wrong, i’m glad we won
but i wish that the entire game …

Post Thumbnail of Officially Aboard the Hasek.
 game recap 15 April 2010

Not exactly the way we wanted to see the Wings kick off the playoffs this year.  To top it off, the power blew in my side of the apartment building shortly after the game was over, and I sort of lost several of my thoughts that I wanted to post …

Post Thumbnail of Red Wings at Blackhawks, 7 March
 game recap 7 March 2010

I hate that stupid Fratellis song, “Chelsea Dagger.”  It makes me want to put a dagger through my eardrums, and I had to hear it 4 times this afternoon.
This game made me feel like an untreated manic depressive, almost entirely within the third period alone.  The first was pretty bland, …

Post Thumbnail of Red Wings at Avalanche, 1 March and H2H
 game recap,H2H 2 March 2010

I made my first ever trip to the Dive last night, to watch the Red Wings play their first game back from the Olympic break against the Avalanche.  It was an interesting experience–there was a good amount of Wings fans in the building, and my section …

Post Thumbnail of Olympic Super Sunday
 olympics 22 February 2010

Yes, I’m still alive.  I needed a hiatus for a little while to do some serious job hunting, and the Olympic breakwas kind of a perfect excuse to do that.  I didn’t, and still don’t, really have any plans for what to do here for the next week, anyway.
Yesterday was …

Post Thumbnail of Sharks at Red Wings, 11 February
 game recap 12 February 2010

First things, sorry for neglecting the blog for the last few days, though I’m sure not many noticed.  Due to so-called “cost cutting” and saving, my company decided to eliminate my job.  So I’ve joined the not so envious ranks of the unemployed.  It’s been interesting to say the least–vacillating …

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