Post Thumbnail of Predators at Red Wings, 5 March
 game recap 6 March 2010

Well there’s one way to come back after the pathetic outing against Vancouver.  I’m pretty certain this was the first game all season that was labeled as a “must win” and the Wings actually came out and played like they knew it was important.  It was huge to get the …

Post Thumbnail of Predators at Red Wings, 29 January
 game recap 30 January 2010

Sometimes I don’t get this team.  Sloppy game all around and yet we still walk away with the win.  Whatever, I’ll take it.
- For a textbook example of lackadaisical defense, see the first period.  Horrible.   The D got walked around a good 3, 4 times.  They had 18 giveaways, …

Post Thumbnail of Red Wings at Predators, 12 December
 game recap 13 December 2009

After the game was over, my Twitter feed exploded in statements of disbelief.  I think we are all convinced we must be living in some sort of alternate universe where Bertuzzi scores 2 beautiful goals, and the Red Wings don’t blow it on a Saturday night.
Detroit: Todd Bertuzzi (Miller, Osgood); …

Post Thumbnail of Ducks Sort-of Recap, Predators Preview
 game preview,game recap 12 December 2009

Didn’t get to watch this last night, so no full recap from me.  I’m DVRing the NHL Network re-air (Ducks broadcasters, ugh), though.
I get the ESPN score alerts on my phone, and when saw that Bertuzzi scored 2 goals, including the game winner, I wondered if I was more drunk …

Post Thumbnail of Red Wings at Predators, 23 November
 game recap 24 November 2009

Is it just me, or do the Wings seem to keep coming up against hot goalies recently?  Or at least goalies who really grab the opportunity by the throat.  Recently it’s been Auld, Price, Clemmenson, and now Rinne who have had really good games against the Wings.
Also, news that Georges …

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