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 Uncategorized 12 October 2010

photo: David Guralnick/ Detroit News
Being a Red Wing really is an honor.  When I was traded here, I didn’t know why I was coming, what I was going to be doing, or how long it was going to be for.  The journey it has been for me in Detroit, from …

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 olympics 25 February 2010

Red Wings hockey is almost back.  Russia got ousted today in a lackluster effort against Canada, and Sweden lost a stunner to the Czech Republic.  This means the only Red Wings remaining in the Olympics are Brian Rafalski (USA) and Valtteri Filppula (Finland), who are, interestingly enough, meeting on Friday …

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 Uncategorized 12 February 2010

Last night Ken Daniels mentioned that Holland was planning to make a move today.  Brad May has been waived, and now that 3pm ET has come and gone, there were no trades, even after much speculation that Lebda or Meech could be going.
Now it comes out that Kirk Maltby might …

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 Uncategorized 23 December 2009

It’s Festivus!
And part of the traditions of celebrating Festivus is the “Airing of Grievances”–a declaration of how you’ve been disappointed by those in your life the past year. We may be only 30+ games into the season, but I’ve still got enough grievances to share…
Chris Osgood: You really let …

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 Uncategorized 27 September 2009

Let’s take a quick poll:
Is anyone concerned that the Red Wings have only won 2 out of 7 pre-season games thus far? And that they’ve dropped the last 5 consecutively?
I’ll be honest: it’s a little disturbing to see the same trend that plagued the Red Wings last year rear …

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