Post Thumbnail of Sharks at Red Wings, 11 February
 game recap 12 February 2010

First things, sorry for neglecting the blog for the last few days, though I’m sure not many noticed.  Due to so-called “cost cutting” and saving, my company decided to eliminate my job.  So I’ve joined the not so envious ranks of the unemployed.  It’s been interesting to say the least–vacillating …

Post Thumbnail of Predators at Red Wings, 29 January
 game recap 30 January 2010

Sometimes I don’t get this team.  Sloppy game all around and yet we still walk away with the win.  Whatever, I’ll take it.
- For a textbook example of lackadaisical defense, see the first period.  Horrible.   The D got walked around a good 3, 4 times.  They had 18 giveaways, …

Post Thumbnail of Red Wings at Maple Leafs, 7 November
 game recap 8 November 2009

Well that sucked.
Goals were as follows:
Detroit: Dan Cleary (Rafalski, Lidstrom)
Toronto: Wayne Primeau (Orr, Finger); Phil Kessel (White, Blake); Jeff Finger (Stempniak, Stajan); John Mitchell (pp; Kessel, Beauchemin); Alexei Ponikarovsky (Grabovski, White)
Trying a new format here for my game recap, and it’s going to be my plus/minuses of the game.  Yes, …

Post Thumbnail of And the big signings of the off season are...
 Uncategorized 6 August 2009

…Patrick Eaves and Jason Williams.
I actually really like the Eaves signing. I was unsure what to think until I heard the terms of the deal: 1 year, $500,000. He’s a right-hand shot, which makes up for Samuelsson’s departure. A former first-round draft pick of the Ottawa Senators, …

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