Post Thumbnail of Kings at Red Wings, 23 January
 game recap 24 January 2010

Well that was certainly short-lived.  We’re back out of the playoffs, sitting at 9th.
Three unanswered goals by the Kings and they walked away with the win in a “must-win” for the Red Wings.  I officially hate this season.
Goals were as follows:
Detroit: Valtteri Filppula (Cleary, Miller); Todd Bertuzzi (Rafalski, Lidstrom)
Los Angeles: …

Post Thumbnail of Hurricanes at Red Wings, 14 January
 game recap 15 January 2010

A major improvement over the pasting received by the Islanders.  They were able to play much more of a game typical of the Red Wings.
And wait, do I see what I think I see?  Do mine eyes deceive me?

Ladies and Gentlemen, let it be known that Nicklas Lidstrom, The Perfect …

Post Thumbnail of Red Wings at Predators, 12 December
 game recap 13 December 2009

After the game was over, my Twitter feed exploded in statements of disbelief.  I think we are all convinced we must be living in some sort of alternate universe where Bertuzzi scores 2 beautiful goals, and the Red Wings don’t blow it on a Saturday night.
Detroit: Todd Bertuzzi (Miller, Osgood); …

Post Thumbnail of Stars at Red Wings, 30 November
 game recap 1 December 2009

It was nice to close out the month of November with a tidy win by the Wings.
Goals were as follows:
Detroit: Drew Miller (Lebda, Draper); Darren Helm (Draper, Bertuzzi); Dan Cleary (Zetterberg, Holmstrom); Todd Bertuzzi (Datsyuk)
Dallas: Brenden Morrow (Robidas, Daley)
+ Young Howard looks confident, and he looks like an NHL-level goaltender.  …

Post Thumbnail of Red Wings at Predators, 23 November
 game recap 24 November 2009

Is it just me, or do the Wings seem to keep coming up against hot goalies recently?  Or at least goalies who really grab the opportunity by the throat.  Recently it’s been Auld, Price, Clemmenson, and now Rinne who have had really good games against the Wings.
Also, news that Georges …

Post Thumbnail of Canucks at Red Wings, 12 November
 game recap 13 November 2009

I’ll be honest, I sort of zoned out halfway through this game.
Goals were as follows:
Detroit: Tomas Holmstrom (pp; Zetterberg, Datsyuk); Henrik Zetterberg (Stuart, Kronwall); Niklas Kronwall (EN; Howard, Stuart)
Vancouver: Mason Raymond (pp; Bieksa, Kesler)
+ Jimmy Howard.  He had a good game.  I didn’t feel confident, per se, but I …

Post Thumbnail of Waiver Wire
 Uncategorized 11 November 2009

According to TSN’s Bob McKenzie, Detroit has picked up winger Drew Miller off waivers from the Tampa Bay Lightning.
Twitter: “Detroit claims Drew Miller on waivers from Tampa.”
I know absolutely nothing about Miller, other than he’s related to Ryan Miller.  And he won a Stanley Cup with Anaheim in 07.

Here are …

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