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 game preview 21 October 2010

Not much time for a game preview today.  But hey, Red Wings hockey is back after an abnormally long time off.  I didn’t see the Wings’ last game in Phoenix, but they got the W, albeit in overtime.  Let’s improve upon that and get back to playing Red Wings hockey.
The …

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 game recap 15 October 2010

photo: Elsa/ Getty Images via Yahoo!
In a word: unacceptable.  I have nothing good to say about this game.
Goals were as follows:
Detroit: Niklas Kronwall (Bertuzzi, Hudler)
Dallas: Brad Richards (pp; Niskanen, Ribeiro); Loui Eriksson (Richards, Neal); Brenden Morrow (Ribeiro); James Neal (Richards, Daley)
– The forecheck showed up occasionally, but it wasn’t …

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 game preview 14 October 2010

photo: AP via Yahoo!
Oh hai.  Coincidentally the minute the hockey season started work picked up and I’ve been absolutely slammed during the day, leaving little to no time for previews and recaps.  Thus, I’m getting this out rather earlier than I’d want.
Nothing official out yet, but I can only assume …

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 game preview 9 October 2010

photo: Peter J. Preston/Flickr
Here are the lineups for both teams, from Khan (since there’s nothing on the D pairings, I just swapped in Kindl for Ericsson, but who knows how that’ll actually pan out come game time):



Pisani-Pirri-Kane (apparently Sharp is hurt)







What I’m looking forward to:
The Wings were riled up last …

Post Thumbnail of No Worries, Nick's Coming Back
 Uncategorized 1 June 2010

That’s really all I have to say.
Nicole from the Red Wings sent out an email confirming that Nick Lidstrom has signed a contract to return to the Wings for the 2010-2011 season.
The giant breeze that rolled up the freeway arteries leading out of downtown was the collective exhalation of a …

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 game recap 7 May 2010

This was reminiscent of Game 7–in an elimination game, the Wings really have brought it.  The question is now, can they keep it up for 3 more?  Each game from here on out is a Game 7.
The Wings proved that they’re not done yet, but realistically, it’s one game.  And …

Post Thumbnail of Round 1, Game 7: Red Wings at Coyotes
 game recap 28 April 2010

(I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that the first thing that came to mind when I started writing this wrapup was “Phoenix Down.”  Clearly I’ve been playing too much Final Fantasy in my off time.)
Now that’s what I’m talking about.  I had faith in this team that they would bring …

Post Thumbnail of An Interview with Brendan Shanahan
 Uncategorized 25 April 2010

Not even kidding.
I received the opportunity to conduct a phoner interview with Brendan Shanahan, currently the VP of Hockey and Business Development (or, as his Twitter profile says, VP of “blah blah blahblahblah”) at the NHL.  I had a double-take moment where I debated the validity of this offer, and …

Post Thumbnail of Round 1, Game 4: Coyotes at Red Wings
 game recap 21 April 2010

A fun treat: the Joe Louis Arena goal horn as a ringtone.  Download it here.  I edited it down from a longer, 20 second ringtone, to the horn going off three times.  Marlon did a favor of humoring me by calling my phone so I could hear it, and it’s …

Post Thumbnail of Round 1, Game 3: Coyotes at Red Wings
 game recap 19 April 2010

I don’t want to talk about it.  I really don’t.  That game sucked in more ways that I know how to express.
The only plus from Game 3 was Shane Doan getting upended by Jimmy Howard and crashing into the boards, and going out for the remainder of the game.  Except …

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