Post Thumbnail of Jimmy Hurt, MacDonald Up, Osgood Starting
 Ozzie! Ozzie! 28 October 2010

Joey MacDonald has been called up from Grand Rapids due to an injury to Jimmy Howard.  Hearing on Twitter that it’s back spams.
No word yet on the specifics, including the extent of how long Howard will be out.  Rafalski was put on short term IR and Draper on LTIR.  Injured …

Post Thumbnail of Red Wings at Stars, 14 October
 game recap 15 October 2010

photo: Elsa/ Getty Images via Yahoo!
In a word: unacceptable.  I have nothing good to say about this game.
Goals were as follows:
Detroit: Niklas Kronwall (Bertuzzi, Hudler)
Dallas: Brad Richards (pp; Niskanen, Ribeiro); Loui Eriksson (Richards, Neal); Brenden Morrow (Ribeiro); James Neal (Richards, Daley)
– The forecheck showed up occasionally, but it wasn’t …

Post Thumbnail of Previewing the Stars
 game preview 14 October 2010

photo: AP via Yahoo!
Oh hai.  Coincidentally the minute the hockey season started work picked up and I’ve been absolutely slammed during the day, leaving little to no time for previews and recaps.  Thus, I’m getting this out rather earlier than I’d want.
Nothing official out yet, but I can only assume …

Post Thumbnail of Previewing the Blackhawks
 game preview 9 October 2010

photo: Peter J. Preston/Flickr
Here are the lineups for both teams, from Khan (since there’s nothing on the D pairings, I just swapped in Kindl for Ericsson, but who knows how that’ll actually pan out come game time):



Pisani-Pirri-Kane (apparently Sharp is hurt)







What I’m looking forward to:
The Wings were riled up last …

Post Thumbnail of Pre-Season Game 2: at Blackhawks
 game preview,game recap 25 September 2010

Red Wings hockey on my television.  It’s like an oasis in the middle of the desert that is the offseason.  I don’t care if it was pre-season.  It’s the Wings.  It’s hockey.
In the spirit that is the pre-season, this is just going to be a mish-mash of notes and thoughts, …

Post Thumbnail of Howard Steals Yet Another Job From Osgood
 Uncategorized 3 June 2010

Not content to merely take the starting goaltender job from Chris Osgood this season, Jimmy Howard has also taking it upon himself to steal all of Ozzie’s dreams, one at a time.
Today he was invited to take batting practice with the Tigers (along with Draper, Miller, Chelios, and McCarty), and …

Post Thumbnail of Round 1, Game 3: Coyotes at Red Wings
 game recap 19 April 2010

I don’t want to talk about it.  I really don’t.  That game sucked in more ways that I know how to express.
The only plus from Game 3 was Shane Doan getting upended by Jimmy Howard and crashing into the boards, and going out for the remainder of the game.  Except …

Post Thumbnail of Canucks at Red Wings, 3 March
 game recap 4 March 2010

Well, Trade Deadline Day came and went, and true to his word, Ken Holland was fairly quiet.  The only moves he made was to ship Kris Newbury off to Hartford for Jordan Owens, and apparently also moved Andy Delmore to Calgary for Riley Armstrong.  I know nothing of either Owens …

Post Thumbnail of Recapping Phoenix, Previewing Minnesota
 game preview,game recap 27 January 2010

What a shit show.  They had a 2 goal lead with 1:30 remaining and they blew it.  Tippett pulled Bryzgalov with almost 2 minutes left in the game, and I knew that Phoenix would at least get a 3rd goal.  But Jesus, you know what kind of season it’s been …

Post Thumbnail of The Argument for Osgood
 Ozzie! Ozzie! 25 January 2010

CaptNorris5 over at The Winged Wheel has a great “manifesto” in defense of Osgood.  I agree with every point he made, and have tried to make them in past on the blog, but clearly CaptNorris5 is a better blogger than I am and was able to convey it much better.
We …

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