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 game preview 9 October 2010

photo: Peter J. Preston/Flickr
Here are the lineups for both teams, from Khan (since there’s nothing on the D pairings, I just swapped in Kindl for Ericsson, but who knows how that’ll actually pan out come game time):



Pisani-Pirri-Kane (apparently Sharp is hurt)







What I’m looking forward to:
The Wings were riled up last …

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 game recap 7 March 2010

I hate that stupid Fratellis song, “Chelsea Dagger.”  It makes me want to put a dagger through my eardrums, and I had to hear it 4 times this afternoon.
This game made me feel like an untreated manic depressive, almost entirely within the third period alone.  The first was pretty bland, …

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 game recap 18 January 2010

Well that was… interesting.  I don’t know.  We started off great, faded in the middle, and came back strong again through OT, and couldn’t get it done in the shootout.  Again.
– The Wings controlled a lot of the play in the start, but towards the middle, got stuck at …

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 game recap 20 December 2009

Hey, Chicago?  Congrats on winning against the Grand Rapids Griffins.  This is not being bitter as a Wings fan, it’s a fact that Detroit iced about half of the team they had when they played in October.  So here’s a pat on the back for shutting out a Red Wings …

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 game preview 20 December 2009

The Wings are headed to Chicago to take on the Blackhawks Sunday.  I’ve been saying that Babcock giving Osgood the nod to play this game says something about Osgood’s position as the number one goalie.  But I realized that it’s a slightly hasty statement.  I’m not backtracking, but what I …

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 Uncategorized 23 October 2009

Vancouver Province:
Samuelsson’s experience showed Wednesday in the 3-2 win over the Blackhawks. The night may have belonged to Roberto Luongo’s saves and Willie Mitchell’s hit, but it was Samuelsson who won it.
…In the third, Samuelsson deftly picked off a brainless Brian Campbell drop pass which he saw coming from Kalamazoo. …

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 game recap 9 October 2009

I unfortunately wasn’t able to watch the game live and had to DVR it.  Which led to me finding out the score ahead of time.  Oh well, at least I knew we won…
Goals were as follows:
Detroit – Nicklas Lidstrom (pp; Williams, Zetterberg); Draper (Maltby, Ericsson); Franzen (pp; Holmstrom, Datsyuk)
Chicago – …

Post Thumbnail of Oh, Marian.
 Uncategorized 1 July 2009

I started typing this on Facebook, before I realized that it was long enough to really write up a complete blog post.
Marian Hossa has signed with the Chicago Blackhawks for 12 years at $62.8 million, for a $5.23 million per year cap hit.
I wonder if there is an …

Post Thumbnail of Playing against the referees
 Uncategorized 22 May 2009

It’s hard enough playing the Stanley Cup Conference Finals against a quick young team with a lot of skill. It becomes impossible when you include the officials to the people they must play against.
If you are not watching the Blackhawks v. Red Wings game 3 right now, Detroit defenseman …

Post Thumbnail of Thoughts After Game 1 of the WCF
 game recap 17 May 2009

I can’t believe people actually picked the Blackhawks to win this series.
Lidstrom and the rest of the Detroit defense corps held Patrick Kane to 0 points, 0 shots on goal, 1 hit, and -3 in 15:10 TOI. Toews have 3 shots on goal, and was -3.
The Red Wings came …

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