Post Thumbnail of Red Wings at Blackhawks, 7 March
 game recap 7 March 2010

I hate that stupid Fratellis song, “Chelsea Dagger.”  It makes me want to put a dagger through my eardrums, and I had to hear it 4 times this afternoon.
This game made me feel like an untreated manic depressive, almost entirely within the third period alone.  The first was pretty bland, …

Post Thumbnail of Previewing the Avalanche and Other Notes
 game preview 1 March 2010

Well, the Olympics are over and it’s back to the regular season grind.  The Wings are sitting in 10th seed, tied at 68 points with Dallas who has the tie breaker (they had to go all the way to Goals For, strangely, and sadly, Dallas cleaned up in that department), …

Post Thumbnail of USA 2, Canada 3
 game recap 28 February 2010

First things first, huge congratulations to Team USA for playing strong, tough, and with heart, and for never giving up. A great performance by the Americans to win the Silver medal. We’re proud of you all.
Secondly, congrats to Team Canada, specifically Steve Yzerman and Mike Babcock. (Can someone …

Post Thumbnail of Getting Back to Business
 olympics 25 February 2010

Red Wings hockey is almost back.  Russia got ousted today in a lackluster effort against Canada, and Sweden lost a stunner to the Czech Republic.  This means the only Red Wings remaining in the Olympics are Brian Rafalski (USA) and Valtteri Filppula (Finland), who are, interestingly enough, meeting on Friday …

Post Thumbnail of Olympic Super Sunday
 olympics 22 February 2010

Yes, I’m still alive.  I needed a hiatus for a little while to do some serious job hunting, and the Olympic breakwas kind of a perfect excuse to do that.  I didn’t, and still don’t, really have any plans for what to do here for the next week, anyway.
Yesterday was …

Post Thumbnail of Red Wings at Sharks, 2 February
 game recap 3 February 2010

I said in my preview they have enough talent to beat this team, no question.   And the Wings showed it.  They put the foot down after a bad start and roared back with 4 unanswered goals.  What a great game.
Goals were as follows:
Detroit: Dan(ny) Cleary (Filppula, Holmstrom); Henrik Zetterberg …

Post Thumbnail of Red Wings at Ducks, 5 January
 game recap 6 January 2010

Wings had a crap effort tonight.  But at least for me, my mood was tempered some by the fantastic, amazing overtime win by the Under-20 USA team who stole gold from Canada at the World Junior Championships today, ending Canada’s 5 year streak.
Changing up the formatting a little bit for …

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