Post Thumbnail of Red Wings at Blackhawks, 7 March
 game recap 7 March 2010

I hate that stupid Fratellis song, “Chelsea Dagger.”  It makes me want to put a dagger through my eardrums, and I had to hear it 4 times this afternoon.
This game made me feel like an untreated manic depressive, almost entirely within the third period alone.  The first was pretty bland, …

Post Thumbnail of An Annual Tradition
 Uncategorized 23 December 2009

It’s Festivus!
And part of the traditions of celebrating Festivus is the “Airing of Grievances”–a declaration of how you’ve been disappointed by those in your life the past year. We may be only 30+ games into the season, but I’ve still got enough grievances to share…
Chris Osgood: You really let …

Post Thumbnail of Moving Forward
 Uncategorized 15 October 2009

I didn’t post any thoughts or comments on that absolute crap-show that was Tuesday’s game against Buffalo because to be honest, I didn’t really have any at the time other than, “Well that sucked.”  Majorly.  Probably three players on the entire team bothered to show up at all.
Defense needs to …

Post Thumbnail of Red Wings v Blues in Sweden, 2-3 October
 game recap 4 October 2009

I don’t think anyone was expecting that.
Seriously, do you think the Blues really thought they would return to the US with two regulation wins over Detroit?
Some other thoughts:

Let’s just hope that being in Sweden was a bigger distraction than anticipated.  We all know Kenny Holland wasn’t hugely in favor of …

Post Thumbnail of Now wait just a minute...
 Uncategorized 27 September 2009

Let’s take a quick poll:
Is anyone concerned that the Red Wings have only won 2 out of 7 pre-season games thus far? And that they’ve dropped the last 5 consecutively?
I’ll be honest: it’s a little disturbing to see the same trend that plagued the Red Wings last year rear …

Post Thumbnail of Ballhawking
 Uncategorized 9 July 2009

The WSJ had an article today that I read via Deadspin that gave me pause. The topic is ballhawking, a practice that, at its most basic, consists of catching landmark home runs and then hardballing the players who want the ball back for their own collection.

After Florida Marlins rookie …

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