Post Thumbnail of 2002 vs 2010: The Forwards
 summer speculation 12 August 2010

As I’m sure most of you were also doing last night, I watched the NHL Network air the ABC/ESPN broadcast of the 2002 Stanley Cup Game 5 win over the Carolina Hurricanes.  Gary Thorne and Bill Clement kept reiterating the star power, and the to-be Hall of Fame players.  That …

Post Thumbnail of An Interview with Brendan Shanahan
 Uncategorized 25 April 2010

Not even kidding.
I received the opportunity to conduct a phoner interview with Brendan Shanahan, currently the VP of Hockey and Business Development (or, as his Twitter profile says, VP of “blah blah blahblahblah”) at the NHL.  I had a double-take moment where I debated the validity of this offer, and …

Post Thumbnail of Previewing the Avalanche and Other Notes
 game preview 1 March 2010

Well, the Olympics are over and it’s back to the regular season grind.  The Wings are sitting in 10th seed, tied at 68 points with Dallas who has the tie breaker (they had to go all the way to Goals For, strangely, and sadly, Dallas cleaned up in that department), …

Post Thumbnail of Sean Avery's Bathroom
 Uncategorized 24 January 2010

I went to Warren 77, Avery’s bar in NYC, this past Friday (with some of my favorite Twitter people).  I had heard about the picture that he had hanging in the bathroom, so of course I had to see it immediately.
And well… see for yourself:

Yes, that’s Brendan Shanahan as Batman …

Post Thumbnail of Shanahan Hired by NHL
 Uncategorized 3 December 2009

I think many of us saw this coming from a mile away when Shanahan’s retirement was announced by the NHL, rather than the NHLPA, as is usual.
Via TSN and Bob McKenzie’s Twitter:
Brendan Shanahan has found a job.
The recently retired NHL star will officially be hired by the NHL today.
Sources say the …

Post Thumbnail of Retire #14?
 Uncategorized 23 November 2009

Larry Brooks of  the New York Post thinks that the Detroit Red Wings should retire Brendan Shanahan’s jersey and raise it to the Joe Louis rafters alongside Howe, Abel, Lindsay, Delvecchio, Sawchuck, Yzerman.
It’s an interesting question, and one that will be pondered quite a bit this season, I imagine.
He’s a …

Post Thumbnail of Blue Collar
 Uncategorized 19 November 2009

I’ll have something longer on Shanahan this week, but for now I just wanted to point out an article on about Shanny when he was in St. Louis.  I think it really just captures what kind of player Shanny was, and why cities like St. Louis and Detroit fell …

Post Thumbnail of Shanny's back
 Uncategorized 6 August 2009

I am so glad to hear that Brendan Shanahan will be returning for another season with the New Jersey Devils–and more importantly, with the National Hockey League.  The league is by far a better place with him in it, and it’ll be a sad day when he hangs up the …

Post Thumbnail of Shanny
 Uncategorized 14 January 2009

Nearly 7 months after becoming a free agent, former Red Wing Brendan Shanahan is bringing his career full circle. According to TSN the New Jersey Devils have officially signed Shanny to a 1-year $800,000 pro-rated contract. Earlier in the week Shanahan agreed on principle to join the Devils.
Shanahan …

Post Thumbnail of Shanahan not waiting on the Rangers
 Uncategorized 29 October 2008


Shanahan not waiting on the Rangers

From Larry Brooks at the NYPost:
Nearly four months after becoming a free agent, Shanahan …

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