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 Uncategorized 23 December 2009

It’s Festivus!
And part of the traditions of celebrating Festivus is the “Airing of Grievances”–a declaration of how you’ve been disappointed by those in your life the past year. We may be only 30+ games into the season, but I’ve still got enough grievances to share…
Chris Osgood: You really let …

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 Uncategorized 20 November 2009

CBC’s Jeff Marek (@jeffmarek) did an interview with Brad May on HNiC Radio the other day.  They covered a multitude of topics, from the disallowed goal against Dallas, Battle of the Blades, to tossing the bucket during a fight, and wearing visors (it cracks me up that May wears his …

Post Thumbnail of Stars at Red Wings, 18 November
 game recap 19 November 2009

So, this is a little extra snarky.
Goals were as follows:
Detroit: Henrik Zetterberg (Leino, Lebda); Br–(err, wait.  We’ll get to that.)
Dallas: Mike Ribeiro/Jonathan Ericsson (Just kidding.  Not really.  Oh damn, this is getting out of hand. pp; Richards, Robidas); Niskanen (Richards, Neal); Loui Eriksson (pp; Neal, Modano)
+ Brad May won a …

Post Thumbnail of Canucks at Red Wings, 12 November
 game recap 13 November 2009

I’ll be honest, I sort of zoned out halfway through this game.
Goals were as follows:
Detroit: Tomas Holmstrom (pp; Zetterberg, Datsyuk); Henrik Zetterberg (Stuart, Kronwall); Niklas Kronwall (EN; Howard, Stuart)
Vancouver: Mason Raymond (pp; Bieksa, Kesler)
+ Jimmy Howard.  He had a good game.  I didn’t feel confident, per se, but I …

Post Thumbnail of Blackhawks at Red Wings, Home Opener, 8 October
 game recap 9 October 2009

I unfortunately wasn’t able to watch the game live and had to DVR it.  Which led to me finding out the score ahead of time.  Oh well, at least I knew we won…
Goals were as follows:
Detroit – Nicklas Lidstrom (pp; Williams, Zetterberg); Draper (Maltby, Ericsson); Franzen (pp; Holmstrom, Datsyuk)
Chicago – …

Post Thumbnail of Starting for real this time
 Uncategorized 8 October 2009

I’m denying that the games in Sweden ever even took place.  If you ask me, the season starts now for Detroit.  And we’re kicking it off with the home opener against the Chicago Blackhawks (1-0-1).
Here are the lines from morning skates, thanks to Bruce MacLeod:
Biggest changes are Meech in for …

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