Post Thumbnail of Red Wings at Ducks, 3 February
 game recap 4 February 2010

I don’t know if it was just because it was a late game, or what, but I felt just as wiped out as the Wings looked.  I half paid attention in the second and third periods, and may have spent a little more time slinging “Super Troopers” quotes around the …

Post Thumbnail of Red Wings at Ducks, 5 January
 game recap 6 January 2010

Wings had a crap effort tonight.  But at least for me, my mood was tempered some by the fantastic, amazing overtime win by the Under-20 USA team who stole gold from Canada at the World Junior Championships today, ending Canada’s 5 year streak.
Changing up the formatting a little bit for …

Post Thumbnail of Ducks Sort-of Recap, Predators Preview
 game preview,game recap 12 December 2009

Didn’t get to watch this last night, so no full recap from me.  I’m DVRing the NHL Network re-air (Ducks broadcasters, ugh), though.
I get the ESPN score alerts on my phone, and when saw that Bertuzzi scored 2 goals, including the game winner, I wondered if I was more drunk …

Post Thumbnail of Ducks at Red Wings, 14 November
 game recap 15 November 2009

I had wondered before last night’s game if it the be as chippy and intense now that Pronger has left the Ducks.  Clearly, he was a big part of their identity (particularly given that they’ve been something of a mess this season).  They do still have guys like Perry and …

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