Post Thumbnail of Fantasy Season
 Uncategorized 9 October 2008


Fantasy Season

So the (real, ahem) start of the season underway, so does my fantasy team start to rack up points.
This …

Post Thumbnail of Here we go…
 Uncategorized 9 October 2008


Here we go…

A little over 10 minutes until the season starts–or I guess re-starts?–with the Red Wings taking on the …

Post Thumbnail of Lucky Number 13?
 Uncategorized 1 October 2008


Lucky Number 13?

Just a quick thought on the Red Wings roster… There’s a huge logjam on offense (and defense) in …

Post Thumbnail of Pre-Season
 Uncategorized 25 September 2008



Is anyone else concerned about the rash of pre-season injuries occurring?
Granted, some of them are more fluky than anything else–see …

Post Thumbnail of First Post
 Uncategorized 23 September 2008

I know there’s already a plethora of fantastic hockey blogs out there, but with the start of the season around the corner I’m more excited about hockey than ever before.
My Detroit Red Wings are the 2008 Stanley Cup Champions. And they’re even more stacked for this season, if that’s even …

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