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TP:60 Episode 7

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 TP:60 2 December 2010

Sorry, hold on, still trying to learn how to breathe again after listening to this week’s TP:60.
Ok.  This is possibly the funniest episode I’ve listened to in a while, and that’s saying a lot because they’re always excellent.
I would recommend against listening to this while driving, working, or really while …

TP:60 Episode 5

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 TP:60 16 November 2010

To my delight I had the chance to record my first episode of TP:60 this season, this time getting the chance to hang with Chris, Michael, and Rob from TPL, plus Jeff Hancock from the Brendan Smithsonian Institution.
I honestly refuse to listen to this because I loathe the sound of …

TP:60 Episode 2

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 TP:60 12 October 2010

It’s a new week and that means a new episode of TP:60.  Recently retired Tyler from the Triple Deke and JJ from Kansas (and Winging it in Motown) join Hollis, Petrella and Discher to talk about the start of the season.
Check it out.

TP:60 Episode 1

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 TOV,TP:60 4 October 2010

The season starts on Friday for the Red Wings, and to give it the proper kick off this week is the return of the THE Red Wings podcast, TP:60 (formerly known as TOV).
Hollis, Petrella, and Discher over at The Production Line have brought in none other than the Chief from …

TOV: Episode 17

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 TOV,TP:60 4 May 2010

Check it out here.  This week has George Malik of Snapshots, Jessie from Bingo Bango, and Michael Petrella from The Production Line joining Chris.
I know I haven’t posted anything regarding the series against the Sharks, and quite frankly, after watching Game 2, I don’t know if I’ll be able to …

TOV: Episode 16

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 TOV,TP:60 23 April 2010

I had the pleasure of hopping on this week’s episode of The Obstructed View with Andy from Fight Night at the Joe, the other half of The Production Line, Discher, Matt Saler of On the Wings, and of course, Chris Hollis from Motown Wings.  Topics on this episode include the …

TOV: Episode 15

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 TOV,TP:60 13 April 2010

I’m a day late on this, but if you haven’t for some ungodly reason done so already, hoof it over to The Obstructed View to listen to episode 15.  Casey, Joe, Kris, and Hollis talk the end of the season and playoffs (Playoffs??  Yes, playoffs) and the Coyotes.
Apparently no one’s …

TOV: Ep 12 and OTR

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 TOV,TP:60 19 March 2010

In case you haven’t seen this already, you must go here.  Darren McCarty and Claude Lemieux get together for the first time to talk about March 26, 1997, and the hit on Kris Draper for the first time on Off the Record with Michael Landsberg.  It’s really fascinating to hear …

TOV: Episode 11 and a Contest!

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 TOV,TP:60 25 February 2010

Check out the newest episode of TOV with myself, Joe from Red Wings Guy, and Kris from Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle, in which I discover that I’m awful at trivia, and Kris destroys us all.  There’s also some chatter about the Olympics, and what other sports we’d like to see …

TOV: Episode 10

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 TOV,TP:60 16 February 2010

In which we talk about Olympics, Kirk Maltby, captaincy, and more with Andy from Fight Night at the Joe, Casey from Winging it in Motown, and Hollis from Motown Wings and Brian.

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