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Jimmy Hurt, MacDonald Up, Osgood Starting

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 Ozzie! Ozzie! 28 October 2010

Joey MacDonald has been called up from Grand Rapids due to an injury to Jimmy Howard.  Hearing on Twitter that it’s back spams.
No word yet on the specifics, including the extent of how long Howard will be out.  Rafalski was put on short term IR and Draper on LTIR.  Injured …

The Argument for Osgood

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 Ozzie! Ozzie! 25 January 2010

CaptNorris5 over at The Winged Wheel has a great “manifesto” in defense of Osgood.  I agree with every point he made, and have tried to make them in past on the blog, but clearly CaptNorris5 is a better blogger than I am and was able to convey it much better.
We …

Osgood Wants to Play

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 Ozzie! Ozzie! 31 December 2009

The usually polite Sammy’s telling Sweden to go Eff themselves, and the typically Zen Osgood is getting frustrated and calling out Babcock’s goalie “rotation.”  What is this world coming to?
Howard’s been hot recently, winning games, and playing extremely well even in losses (see: Monday’s 0-1 vs Columbus).  Osgood hasn’t played …

Once More: I’ve had enough

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 Ozzie! Ozzie! 5 December 2009

Friggin’ WordPress mobile ate my blog post, which left me with a rather… ominous post that just said “I’ve Had Enough.  That’s it.”
Well, that’s not all of it.  And I’m going to attempt to reconstruct it.
So, what is it, exactly that I’ve had enough of?  Is it the nightly crapfest, …

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