Welcome to Big Red Machine, a Detroit Red Wings blog.  Yeah, I know, I named my hockey blog after a baseball team.

I grew up in Northeast Ohio in a time when the Blue Jackets were merely a distant glimmer in Gary’s eye. Eventually I discovered my true love–the Red Wings.  Actually, the first time I sat down to watch a hockey game was because my dad told me about the octopus throwing tradition and as a young cephalopod enthusiast, I really wanted to see that happen. Needless to say, my love of the Red Wings has grown further than that, though the rest of my family can’t even begin to fathom why I love them so much.  These days I’m living in Brooklyn, NY.

The photo above was taking at the Air Canada Centre, Toronto on 7 November, 2009.  See the full photo here.  Some rights reserved by Creative Commons.

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