TP:60 Episode 5

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To my delight I had the chance to record my first episode of TP:60 this season, this time getting the chance to hang with Chris, Michael, and Rob from TPL, plus Jeff Hancock from the Brendan Smithsonian Institution.

I honestly refuse to listen to this because I loathe the sound of my own voice (not sugary enough, Disch?), but we talked about a fairly broad range of topics, covering Cleary’s red-hot play as of late, the press box rotation, Kris Draper, Joey Mac and Chris Osgood, and the Colin Campbell controversy (+1 for alliteration).

I also realized that I am fairly certain I used the word onus a couple times when I meant catalyst when talking about Colin Campbell.  Head, meet desk.

Another point along those lines that I thought of later is that I can’t imagine Gary Bettman firing Campbell.  At least not immediately.  He likes to present the image that he’s in complete control of the league and if he didn’t let Campbell go when the emails first came to light, there’s no way he’d do it now.  Firing Campbell would be the rash choice at the moment, demonstrating that he wasn’t aware of everything going on, and that’s not something that Bettman’s prone to do.  As I mentioned on the podcast, I think it could be something coming later, maybe in a few months or a year, I don’t know, and these emails could be used as evidence or cause.

Anyway, my comments aside, go listen!

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