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Just dropping in for a minute to make a short announcement: I’m really honored to have been asked by Courtney from Chicks Who Give a Puck to join on the team as editor and consultant for media relations and publicity for the site.  I’ll also from time to time be contributing a few blog posts here and there, though Kris and Liz, who are already on board over there, have that well taken care of.  But I couldn’t let them have all the fun, so while the bulk of my writing will still be here at Big Red Machine, I’ll pop up every once in a while with shorter news bits over at the Chicks site.

Posted by EM   @   22 September 2010 2 comments


Sep 22, 2010
9:39 pm
#1 Sully :

Looking forward to it! And congrats. Been a big summer for the bloggers of the Red Wings nation. Here’s to hoping it is not all in vain *Slams scotch. Passes out*

Sep 23, 2010
8:52 am
#2 Graham :

Congrats and good luck on that. Any idea on what specifically you’ll be talking about over there? I figured most of your RW stuff will be saved for this site. You’ve become part of a good team; that’s a good site they are running over there.

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