Pieces are Falling into Place

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Mike Modano has signed.  Darren Helm signed an extension.  I’m assuming Abdelkader will sign on any day now, and if Kenny can work his magic, maybe even another defenseman (Willie Mitchell?).

It’s suddenly August, and things are picking up steam a bit.  I’ve signed up for a half marathon on October 17, and I’ve just started training for it.  In parallel, things are finally happening in the world of the Red Wings in terms of signings and gearing up for the new season that starts around the same time, and I figured I should probably get off my ass and get back into blogging form.

Regarding the Modano signing: I was really neutral about the whole thing.  Part of why I didn’t blog anything about it here (beyond the fact that I was being lazy and taking a summer hiatus) is because I kind of didn’t care either way.  If he signed, great, cool, Mike Modano’s coming home.  If he doesn’t sign, that would have been fine as well, and he could have retired as a life-long Star/North Star or rode into the sunset with another team.

But now that he has signed, I’ve given it more thought.  And the more I think about it, the more I like it.  There have been parallels drawn to Igor Larionov, or Brett Hull coming to Detroit in the twilight of their careers and doing exceedingly well.  He can bring some veteran presence to the 3rd line, as well as allow Pav and Z to play on the same line, as Babcock has mentioned he wants to do this upcoming season.  Sounds like he’ll likely start between Cleary and Hudler, but he’ll still be a great mentor for Helm and Abdelkader.  I really see no downside to this at this point.  There’s the emotional, “return home” connection, and clearly a desire to win one more Cup before he hangs them up.  And it’s not like he’s completely out of steam.  With Detroit there’s no pressure to produce points or even have to lead–they’ve got Nick, Pav, and Z to do that.  This is a great place for him to end his career.

I had more thoughts, but Tyler has a post that is far better, that pretty much highlights my same thoughts, so check out The Triple Deke’s take on the Modano signing.

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