Post Thumbnail of Dear Tampa Bay
 Stevie 25 May 2010

Dear fans of the Tampa Bay Lightning,
Today you have received a gift.
His name is Stephen Gregory Yzerman.  He comes with 3 Stanley Cups as a player, 1 more as an executive, 692 career goals, 1063 career assists, an Olympic gold medal as a player and another as the GM of …

Post Thumbnail of Stevie to Run the Tampa Bay Lightning
 Stevie 25 May 2010

–EDIT 8:52PM MT–
I’ve had some more time to absorb today’s news that Steve Yzerman is the new GM of the Tampa Bay Lightning.  I was stunned this morning when I woke up to find the announcement on Twitter.  Stunned, but honestly, not overly surprised.  I think that we all knew …

Post Thumbnail of Thank You
 Stevie 8 May 2010

Dear Detroit Red Wings,
Thank you.
Thank you for another great season, and memories.
From opening the season in Sweden (it feels so long ago, doesn’t it), through a rash of injuries, to today, in San Jose, it’s been an amazing season.
We may have gotten frustrated with you at times, called you out, …

Post Thumbnail of Previewing the Sharks
 game preview 8 May 2010

It’s another Game 7 tonight. Elimination is possible.
Let’s Go Red Wings.

Post Thumbnail of Round 2, Game 4: Sharks at Red Wings
 game recap 7 May 2010

This was reminiscent of Game 7–in an elimination game, the Wings really have brought it.  The question is now, can they keep it up for 3 more?  Each game from here on out is a Game 7.
The Wings proved that they’re not done yet, but realistically, it’s one game.  And …

Post Thumbnail of It's Do or Die
 game preview 6 May 2010

They’re bringing out their brooms in San Jose.  The Wings are teetering on the edge, down 0-3.
You don’t need to make history tonight, Detroit.  One game, one chapter at a time, you just have to start writing it, not complete the book.
Let’s Go Red Wings.

Post Thumbnail of HHOF, Firefly to Publish Six Hockey Books
 Uncategorized 6 May 2010

I work in publishing.  I’m a publishing nerd.  That said, here’s some non-Red Wings specific news for anyone who’s interested.  Both of these sound pretty cool.  Also: 244 player profiles with 400 4/c photographs for $19.95?  Nice.
source: Publishers Weekly
Firefly Books Inks Partnership with Hockey Hall of Fame
by Leigh Anne Williams
May …


Post Thumbnail of 0-3
 Uncategorized 4 May 2010

It’s all life or death from here on out.
The 1975 Islanders were the last NHL team to rally back from a 3 game to none deficit.
Will history be made?

Post Thumbnail of TOV: Episode 17
 TOV,TP:60 4 May 2010

Check it out here.  This week has George Malik of Snapshots, Jessie from Bingo Bango, and Michael Petrella from The Production Line joining Chris.
I know I haven’t posted anything regarding the series against the Sharks, and quite frankly, after watching Game 2, I don’t know if I’ll be able to …

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