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I meant we’ll double our donations if our rival’s team’s WIN. So if the Avalanche win, I will donate (Goals For x $5)x2. And if the Red Wings win, Grant will do the same.

A couple of Herm 2 Hockeytown notes really quickly before I head down to Denver for tonight’s tilt.

Rob and Michael at The Production Line are running a March pledge drive for H2H, and I’m jumping in on the action for tonight’s game, with a $2/goal scored by the Red Wings donation.

Also, Avalanche fan (we’ll forgive him for that for now) and Twitter friend Grant from Hockeyism.com and I have a friendly little bet going on based on tonight’s score.

For every goal scored by the Red Wings tonight, Grant has promised to donate $5 for H2H and Children’s Hospital of Michigan.

Posted by EM   @   1 March 2010 2 comments


Mar 1, 2010
6:23 pm
#1 Michelle :

I will take that bet. Count me in for 5$ a Wings Goal too. I still refuse to be conflicted of my team of choice for the winner!

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