Red Wings at Capitals, 19 January

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About 5-10 minutes into this game I thought to myself, SOG are 5-0 Detroit. If they can keep this up and not lay back, we’ll win for sure. Well fuck me, because while they kept it up for most of the game, they had a magnificent third period meltdown that let the Capitals score 2 and walk away with the win.  Boudreau called it “men vs boys” and it was, for 55 minutes.  But those 5 minutes where the Wings just stopped moving their feet, and stopped concentrating did them in.  Washington had no business winning that game.

+ Washington with zero shots on goal up through 14:22, and the Wings had 13.  Great for the defense to shutdown the highest scoring team in the league like that.

+ Kirk Maltby. What a ballsy, or maybe stupid move to block an Ovechkin shot after losing the bucket. Jesus Christ.

+ “Don’t give the guy the puck. I want to keep the puck.” Pavel on Ovechkin during the interview. His English also seems much improved, even from last year. He’s a great interview, and I wish that he’d be on more. I don’t know if he just declines, or if media just doesn’t bother to ask him. He’s pretty flippant with most of his replies, and it’s refreshing from the canned cliches.

I had suggested that Pavel would at least get a point, since he’s done well against Washington in the past, but he was held off the scoresheet.

+ What an individual effort by Dan(ny) Cleary.  He had a great shot, Theodore saved it, Cleary picked it up again for a backhand and in.  Awesome.

PP really regressed tonight.  Matt suggested that they were sitting back a bit in an effort to support Osgood more than they had been doing with Howard.

+ The Perfect Human made a perfect play to save a goal on a wide open net in which Oz had completely vacated the front.  Pavel saved him again on another play later in the second.

= Speaking of, Oz was REALLY aggressive, coming out to challenge shots.  Almost a little too aggressive.  It’s a good thing that the D has played well in front of him, bailing him out a few times.  Look, the guy didn’t stand on his head, but it wasn’t his fault entirely that they lost, either.  I know several of the Osgood haters out there are screeching for Babcock to nail his ass to the pine and never play him again, or trade him immediately.  But there was fail on every part that led to the Capitals mounting a comeback.  Could Osgood have played better?  Yes, of course.  Did he lose the game for the Wings?  No.  The Backstrom goal I am planting squarely on Bertuzzi (and Stuart, who got turned inside-out), and the Steckel goal ricocheted in.

But still, I’m a little stunned to read that he told McCosky “I’ve gotten him a lot of points, you can write that… I got him to the Stanley Cup Finals the last two years, you can write that, too.”  Shut up, Oz.  We know you have the most playoff wins in DRW history, and yeah, you did take us to the Finals twice in a row and won two seasons ago.  But this is a whole new ball game right now, and you need to start caring like it’s the playoffs, because right now there’s no guarantee we’ll even be in the post-season at this rate.  I’m not going to argue that having a whole month off is a little questionable, but if you want to play again any time soon, criticizing Babcock to the media is not going to help your cause.  I’ve been in the Pro-Osgood camp for a long time, but Shut Up, Play Well, and then you can open your mouth again.  *deep breath*

I will say, the Bradley goal?  Come on, Jonny E, can’t stand around like a pylon and wait until he goes past you before you start backchecking.

+ Is Rafalski warming up, too?  He’s 2-1-3 in the last 3 games.  He wired a shot from the circles for the go-ahead.

Major meltdown in the third.  The Wings controlled the entire game up until about halfway through the third, and then they just rolled over.  I’m sick and tired of this Jekyll and Hyde act, of not seeing a 60-minute effort, and tired of feeling like they don’t even WANT to make the post-season.  Every chance they’ve had to leapfrog in, they blow it.

Final SOG 46-23, and yet it’s a 2-3 loss.

+ Ovechkin was held shotless, but he did get an assist.  Looking on the bright side, here…

….I miss the Mule.

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Jan 20, 2010
3:23 pm
#1 Natalie :

Ellen, your thoughts on Osgood echo my sentiments entirely. When I got online last night and saw the barrage of anti-Osgood stuff on Twitter, I was at a loss. I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw Ozzie as having a decent enough game; obviously, he didn’t stand on his head, but I can’t fathom blaming the loss of the game on him or even any of the goals given up squarely on him. (Now, his bullshit whining to the press now, and the fallout of Babcock v. Osgood is a whole other issue…)

Author Jan 20, 2010
3:41 pm
#2 EM :


You can’t hang any of the three goals solely on him–Ericsson didn’t make much of an effort, Stuart got spun around, and the third was a deflected shot. We all know what you get with Osgood at this point–he typically won’t lose a game for the team, but he isn’t going to play lights out unless it’s the playoffs, either. I realize that people aren’t happy with that assessment and think that he should be better, but it’s the truth. He’s like 36 years old, and he’s always been prone to letting in softies. Makes the big save, gives up the marshmallow. I don’t know why people are suddenly expecting something else from him. I think part of the issue is that because we’ve all seen what he can do in the playoffs, it’s expected for him to play like that all season. But as we’ve learned with Darren Helm, that’s impossible to keep up for 82 games. It’s unfortunate that the level of disparity between playoff-Oz and regular season Oz is so vast, and yeah, you’d like to think he’d be able to come to a happy medium, but he can’t.

And if he has problems with how Babcock is handling the goaltending situation, then he needs to talk to Babcock and not whine to the media. That’s going to do nothing but get him further into the doghouse. I’m happy when he gets defiant to the media WHEN HE PLAYS WELL. There’s no excuse for it now, though, when he’s all talk and no action. Past accomplishments will only get you so far, and he needs to get back into the now.

Jan 20, 2010
4:53 pm
#3 jennbikegirl :

Ellen, you said it exactly right in the TPL comments – we can all agree that Ozzie needs to STFU.

And I also love Pav’s interviews. I missed the one in the intermission last night because I was chasing down my runaway dogs, but I read Dmitry’s at Puck Daddy today. I’ve always suspected that his English is better than he lets on, but shyness or language uncertainty prevents him from doing more interviews. I know this happens with some of the Japanese baseball players, who keep translators around for years just to make sure they don’t inadvertently say the wrong thing. Pav has a great sense of humor and I do wish we’d get to hear from him more often.

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