Does anyone actually like the sound of their own voice?

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There’s a reason I really try to avoid leaving voicemails whenever possible.

Anyway, Episode 4 of The Obstructed View is now available for your listening pleasure.  I had a ton of fun talking Red Wings with Joe of Red Wings Guy, the other half of The Production Line, Rob, and of course, Chris Hollis from Motown Wings, and the fantastic producer Brian.  A very smart group of guys who know their hockey, and it was really a privilege to do this episode with them.

There’s some chatter about Filppula’s glorious locks of hair, the requisite Ville Leino bashing, some Olympic talk, Joe’s trip out East, and Brian gets riled up over Chris Osgood.

One thing that I realized after the fact that I wanted to mention was the Mikael Samuelsson response to being left off the Swedish Olympic roster.  I actually wanted to know what everyone’s opinion was about him giving Sweden a big FU.  Alas, slipped my mind, and somehow the only player I really managed to talk about on Tre Kroner was Peter Forsberg.  Yeah.

So go download!

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