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 Uncategorized 30 January 2010

McCosky has an article today about the sudden salary cap crunch that the Wings find themselves in, or at least will, shortly.
He makes an interesting statement off the bat regarding The Perfect Human:
Holland could be looking at rebuilding half the team this summer, and all that’s at stake there is …

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 game recap 30 January 2010

Sometimes I don’t get this team.  Sloppy game all around and yet we still walk away with the win.  Whatever, I’ll take it.
- For a textbook example of lackadaisical defense, see the first period.  Horrible.   The D got walked around a good 3, 4 times.  They had 18 giveaways, …

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 game preview,H2H 29 January 2010

It’s been a long day, rife with computer problems at work.
As I’m certain everyone’s already heard, Abdelkader’s been sent down to Grand Rapids because he doesn’t have to clear waivers, and the Wings need the roster spot for J-Wills, who is making his return tonight.  Also sounds like Brad Stuart …

Post Thumbnail of Red Wings at Wild, 27 January
 game recap 28 January 2010

The trash can is getting a little too full with these games that you just “crumple up and throw away,” as Murph likes to say.
Babcock apparently held a mandatory meeting at practice before the game.  Bunch of good that apparently did.
What a bizarre first period.  Miettinen scores, then Pavel scores, …

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 fantasy 28 January 2010

I guess?  At least for me… Hey, trying to look on the bright side here…

That’s 3 goals (1PP), 8 assists, 12 SOG from that game alone.
I’d totally trade it all and go goose eggs across the board the rest of the season for a Red Wings win.

Post Thumbnail of Recapping Phoenix, Previewing Minnesota
 game preview,game recap 27 January 2010

What a shit show.  They had a 2 goal lead with 1:30 remaining and they blew it.  Tippett pulled Bryzgalov with almost 2 minutes left in the game, and I knew that Phoenix would at least get a 3rd goal.  But Jesus, you know what kind of season it’s been …

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 game preview 26 January 2010

The big news here is Niklas Kronwall’s glorious return to the blue line.  With that, Meech is the odd man out, and will return to his familiar spot in the press box.  I am stoked for this.  It means we finally have 2 solid defensive pairings, and now Brad Stuart …

Post Thumbnail of TOV: Episode 7
 TOV,TP:60 26 January 2010

The 7th episode of The Obstructed View is out fresh this morning!  This week I got to chat along with George James Malik of Snapshots, Tyler from the Triple Deke, and of course Chris Hollis from Motown Wings.  Producer Brian Kiernicki even joins in on the conversation this week, gracing …

Post Thumbnail of The Argument for Osgood
 Ozzie! Ozzie! 25 January 2010

CaptNorris5 over at The Winged Wheel has a great “manifesto” in defense of Osgood.  I agree with every point he made, and have tried to make them in past on the blog, but clearly CaptNorris5 is a better blogger than I am and was able to convey it much better.
We …

Post Thumbnail of Blue Line Getting Healthy
 Uncategorized 25 January 2010

According to Khan Kronwall will be back in the lineup tomorrow.
And, it seems that Mickey wasn’t as drunk as we thought during the Kings game, as Lilja has gone 13 days without a headache from his concussion (he needs to go 14 in order to be cleared by doctors).  Obviously …

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