Red Wings at Stars, 19 December

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Yeah, we probably shouldn’t have lost that.

Goals were as follows:
Detroit: Tomas Holmstrom (Bertuzzi, Datsyuk); Pavel Datsyuk (Bertuzzi, Lidstrom); Todd Bertuzzi (Datsyuk, Miller)
Dallas: Karlis Skrastins (Ribeiro, Benn); James Neal (Richards, Eriksson); James Neal (Skrastins, Eriksson); Karlis Skrastins (Richards, Neal)

+ During the first period Ken and Mick commented that last season when Zetterberg was out with his wonky back, Pavel was the guy who picked up the team and carried it during that time.  And given his performance this afternoon, he looks primed to do it again.  He was determined, and looking more like his usual self, stripping the puck and dangling all over the ice.  And I’m convinced that he always has a great game if he’s hitting.  1-2-3, +3, 7 hits (!), 3 takeaways, and a ridiculous 71% in the faceoff circle (15-6).  Datsyuk usually scores in streaks, so let’s hope this is the start of one.
+ Actually, that whole line looked great.  It’s like something with Bertuzzi and Datsyuk has suddenly clicked.  That, or Bertuzzi is personally out to spite Petrella.
+ Miller seemed like he was everywhere, the entire game.  I really hope he still gets time when the injured guys start coming back.
+ Entertaining fight between MayDay and Krys Barch.  Mick was positively gleeful sounding, giggling away to himself afterwards.  The best part was absolutely the gigantic grin on May’s face afterwards.  It was the 6th fight between Barch and May.
+ Everyone finished the game healthy.  That’s pretty sad when it’s a plus.

Jimmy didn’t have his best game.  He was strong in the first period, but that first goal for the Stars was pretty much a wide open net for Skrastins to shove it in.  Howard’s game sort of went downhill from there.  This season he’d been much better about not letting a bad goal affect the rest of his game, but he seemed to revert to that again today.
Helm should ask for a new pair of hands for Christmas (like Edward Scissorhands).  He gets so many breakaways and just can’t seem to get them to go in.
We haven’t scored a power play goal since back when the dinosaurs used to roam the earth.
The refs really pocketed their whistles towards the end of the game.  Ridiculous some of the blatant penalties they let go in the 3rd.
The Wings outshot the Stars in every period, who were exhibiting some pretty poor defense.  Looking at the box score, we really should have won that game, but some less than stellar goaltending and defensive miscues handed us the loss.  The Wings weren’t exactly bearing down in the 3rd period.

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Dec 20, 2009
12:37 am

At this point, I’m 100% sure Todd Bertuzzi reads my stuff, or – in the extremely likely event that he cannot actually read – has it read to him. After someone explains the big words to him, I assume he punches the wall (only where the stud is, though) while saying BERTUZZI SMASH! and then he goes out, scores randomly, pees his pants a little, and then forgets where he is.

It’s becoming comical. If the Wings success hinges on Todd Bertuzzi’s production (first of all, God help us all), so be it – I hope he keeps scoring.

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