Red Wings at Blue Jackets, 28 December

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That was one of those games that proves that low scoring, tight games are no less entertaining than high scoring barn burners.  That feeling of “this is fun to watch” was quickly washed out when Lebda lost Modin, who scored in OT.  In a strange way, I feel less upset about the Wings having been shutout, maybe because it was a 1-0 final score, and also because it was really a game for the goaltenders.  Ridiculous, both of them.

Goals were as follows:
Detroit: none
Columbus: Frederik Modin (Tyutin, Pahlsson)

The Wings finally got things started on time.  They were alert in the first, with a good amount of jump to their game.  They seemed more engaged than I’ve seen recently, crashing and banging around.  If Mason hadn’t decided to play like his Calder-winning, Vezina-nominated self from last year, I feel like the Wings would have won.
+ I remember when Brad Stuart was given his contract extension of $3.75mil per for 4 years, some people thought it was a little on the high side.  Doesn’t look like it now, does it?  He has been worth every single penny and more this season.
+ Pavel looked more like his Datsyukian self, even though he didn’t score.  I was so certain he was going to win it in OT.
+ Ritola played 9:40, with 1:35 spent on the power play.  He got 2 SOG, 1 hit, and a takeaway.  He also drew a tripping call in the 2nd.  I thought he was good–looked motivated.  He battled for pucks along the boards, and had some good defensive moments when it came to keeping the puck in the Columbus’ zone, and a nice chance on Mason.
+ Nice to see May finally do his job and drop the gloves with Boll, who had roughed up Pavel earlier.  And Janik had a less successful fight, but still good to see him with some fire.

Our power play still sucks.  Couldn’t score on the 5-4, 4-3, of 5-3.
Columbus blocked a ton of shots, but I felt like the Wings weren’t really peppering Mason with too many difficult ones, anyway.  They have absolutely got to stop with the perimeter shots, because they don’t do anything.  Babcock mentioned it during an interview with Bob Harwood on VS, and I simply can’t figure out why they’re not crashing the crease, when it’s clear that’s what they both want, and need to do.
The Wings really got outplayed physically.  Hits were 39 to 13.
I hate listening to Joe Beninati.  Not only does his voice make me want to stab sharp things into my eardrums, but he uses such horrid, flowery, overwrought phrases in his broadcasting.

Wings don’t play again until Thursday, back at the Joe against the Avalanche.  I’ll be there.

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Dec 29, 2009
4:25 am

I can’t stand VS I think if they played and actually scored more then they did I would have paid more attention. This is one of my vices for this season, if Bertuzzi does not score it seems like no one has. The times when they went for games and games with out scoring Bertuzzi was the ONLY one who could break through. Yes a goalie may stand on his head… I get that. But if you aren’t trying or even if you are trying. You need a different angle or something because whatever is happening is not working when you are going on goalless droughts.

I know we lost a lot of offense but this is entirely too frustrating. I know our defense is good and I agree with you on Stuart he is a diamond in the rough now.

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