Red Wings at Blackhawks, 20 December

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Hey, Chicago?  Congrats on winning against the Grand Rapids Griffins.  This is not being bitter as a Wings fan, it’s a fact that Detroit iced about half of the team they had when they played in October.  So here’s a pat on the back for shutting out a Red Wings team without the majority of their firepower.

That being said, the Wings really shat the bed on this one.  I wouldn’t say that Osgood laid a total egg, because the entire team played like crap.  No jump, no legs, no motivation.

Also: is it just me, or has Ken Daniels taken to just yelling directly at the goalies this season?  Right in the middle of his play by play, when Osgood lost the puck, he just shouted, “sit down, Chris!” when it was under him.  Ken did this earlier this year also, when he told Jimmy to just grab the puck.

NHL Network was airing the 2009 Winter Classic before the game, and holy hell was it depressing to see guys like Mule, Lilja, Filppula, and even Hudler out there.

Goals were as follows:
Detroit: none
Chicago:  Duncan Keith (pp; Toews, Versteeg); Brian Campbell (Sharp, Ladd); Dustin Byfuglien (Madden, Keith)

Umm… Hossa was held to 0 shots on goal.  He was on the ice for Campbell’s goal, and so was +1, and had 1 takeaway.  I had also said in my preview that more than seeing Hossa get demolished, I wanted to see him held off the scoresheet.  Not quite, but close.  And I guess I should have specified that I wanted a win, too.
+ Patrick Eaves took a hard shot off the foot, but he did come back after getting an X-Ray.

It took 13 minutes and change for Detroit to get their first shot on goal, by Datsyuk.  13 minutes.  That’s ridiculous.  The end total was 20 shots.  Nowhere near enough when the Blackhawks are currently the best defensive team in the league.
The last two goals that Osgood let in were pretty soft, and quite a few people in my Twitter feed were calling for him to be pulled in favor of Howard.  I’m sorry, but no.  I said in my preview that he was the player I was looking at to have a good game.  He didn’t have a great night, but it wasn’t horrendous either, by any stretch.
Because when you spend as much time in your own zone as the Wings did, you’re bound to get scored on.  Way too many times to count, they were just incapable of clearing their zone, and got hemmed in.  There was so much standing around in their own zone, it was mindblowing.
Good God did Doug Janik have a brutal game.
We got absolutely wrecked in the faceoff circle.  16 to 29, ‘Hawks.  If you want to play a puck possession game, you have to possess the puck.  And the easiest way to do that is by winning faceoffs.  Datsyuk went 6:10 and Helm was 3:10.  Draper was perfect at 3/3.
Along with Helm, Leino needs to ask for some new hands for Christmas.
I frigging HATE that stupid Fratellis song they play at the UC when they score.  It makes it all the more obnoxious when the ‘Hawks score.  Also, real classy, Chicago, with the constant “Detroit Sucks” chant.

Wings are going to have to pull their heads out of their asses by Wednesday and wake up.  I am extremely curious to know who will be starting in net for Detroit.

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