Oilers at Red Wings, 3 December

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Well that was vomit inducing.  I missed most of the first period running home from work, and it turned out I didn’t miss much at all.

Goals were as follows:
Detroit: Dan(ny) Cleary (Bertuzzi, Lidstrom [with a ridiculous pass])
Edmonton: Lubomir Visnovsky (unassisted); Robert Nilsson (Stone, Stortini); Patrick O’Sullivan (Jacques); Patrick O’Sullivan (Souray)

Ken Holland with the Quote Of The Year.  Talking in the 2nd intermission about injured players he said, no friggin joke, “You can put your finger in the dyke.”  I know he meant it as a metaphor regarding a construction dyke, or a levee, in terms of picking up another player to temporarily fill a slot, but come on.  I almost fell off my couch laughing.  Yes, I’m capable of thinking like a 13 year old.
+ Another plus, it looks like Jonny Ericsson didn’t get hurt too bad when he fell awkwardly (looked like maybe he caught a rut?) and should play Saturday in New Jersey.
+ Didn’t really notice Kindl much, which I’m taking as a good thing because it means he didn’t make an egregious error along the way.  He played 14:18.

Oh, but where to we begin.  I don’t want to really consider the fact that Howard just might have some sort of Turco-type affliction when it comes to playing against the Oilers.  Two games this season and he’s let in 9 goals.  I’m overreacting,but next time, try Osgood, please?
Zero puck luck, to channel my inner Babcock.  I didn’t see the first, but I heard it bounced in off Lebda.  And the third that pretty much rolled off Pavel’s blade and through Jimmy’s 5-hole.
Speaking of Pavel, he had an off game.  But then again, so did everyone.  The general Twitter consensus seems to be that the Red Wings simply suck during the seasonly dads’ trip.

Short re-cap from me, because I’m tired of harping on about all the negatives.  And there weren’t very many pluses at all.

Play better this weekend, boys.  I’ll be at both games.

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