Blues at Red Wings, 9 December

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It wasn’t the worst effort we’ve seen this season.  Even though he didn’t face very many quality, or difficult shots, Conklin played very well for the Blues.  This was the type of game that, if we’d lost it  last season, I would have just shrugged and said you can’t win them all.  But because this has been something of a trend this season, I’m still frustrated with this loss.  The Wings know they need to crank it up, and against a divisional rival, it’s just not good enough to mail it in at this point.

+ Howard was solid, and on any other night when the offense is able to figure out the opposing goaltender, he would have gotten a win.
+ Abdelkader did well pivoting the second line with Bertuzzi and Cleary.  He didn’t look out of place, and had hustle.  He might need some tutoring by Kris Draper, though, because he went 2 and 7 in the faceoff circle.

Blues packed their dark jerseys and as a result the Wings had to change after warmups.  Too bad they couldn’t have both worn dark–that would have looked cool.
Our power play sucks.  But I guess when the offense has dried up, it’s really just gone.
Friggin intent to blow.  Again.  I understand that the play actually should have been whistled dead this time, as the puck seemed to be caught under Conks’ pads, but just the simple fact that we were on the wrong end of yet another intent to blow call is galling.
I don’t know what it’s going to take for Nick Lidstrom to score a goal.  He had 2 shots on goal, 2 missed.  He hit the post twice.  At this point he’s going to have to bargain with the devil to get one to go in.
Third shutout of the season already.  Where oh where has the offense gone?
I’ll have to give Darryl Sydor a 9.8 for that dive.  Nick simply skated past him and he went crashing to the ice.
I have had all the patience in the world for Pavel Datsyuk, but these days he simply isn’t looking the same.  I don’t want to say he looks unmotivated–that’s extreme.  But he’s not making the “Datsyukian” plays we’re all used to seeing, he’s not plowing his way through the defense.  He’s playing with Z and Holmstrom, so there are no excuses about his linemates.  Is he hurt?  He claims he’s healthy.  So what is it?

And this was simply something odd that I noticed–same amount of shots missed by each player as shot on net.  No idea if it’s a mistake or just a bizarre coincidence:

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Dec 10, 2009
4:39 pm
#1 Casey :

I think it has something to do with ESPN’s system. I’ve noticed that before. I think they, for whatever reason, count the number of shots on goal and then the number of missed shots is based on how many of those shots DONT go in the goal. Look at Zetterberg’s hattrick box score and the difference is the exact number of goals scored.

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