Hall of Fame Weekend

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I headed up to Toronto this weekend for the Hockey Hall of Fame festivities.  Saw the game against the Leafs (see previous post on this).  But more importantly, I got to attend an autograph session with the Red Wings at the HHOF.

I took an early flight and went straight to the Hall of Fame.  And I am really glad I did, because by the time I got there at about 10:15am, there were what looked like 500 people lined up.  They were only giving tickets to the autograph session to the first 400.

After 2 hours of waiting, talking to other fans in line, and trying not to fall asleep on my feet, I was one of the last people to get a ticket.

The session wasn’t taking place until 4pm, so I toured the HHOF, which is incredibly cool, and I recommend that you do it if you’re in Toronto. ¬†So much history.

There was more waiting inside the hall, and they had the Red Wings seated upstairs where they display the Stanley Cup. ¬†It was pretty brisk–they handed you a poster, you walked around a semi-circled table following your poster as the guys signed it. ¬†There wasn’t a ton of talking, and I personally couldn’t really say anything but “Thanks” and “Hi” a lot. ¬†I was, admittedly, a little slack-jawed at the whole thing.

  • Babcock was first in line, and was the most talkative, outgoing of them all. ¬†I could hear him welcome every single person.
  • The whole team was there, except Mule and Filppula.
  • The guy in front of me commented to Holmstrom to keep doing his thing in front of the net, and he replied by saying something about how he has nowhere else to go, sort of like “where else am I going to go?” ¬†He is incredibly hard to understand.
  • Draper had his boys with him, which was cute.
  • Pavel gave a little nod of acknowledgement when I said thanks to him and Kronwall. ¬†Yes, that made my day.
  • I’m allowed to admit that Andreas Lilja is incredibly good looking, right?
  • I took a few pictures, but we moved along pretty fast, and I didn’t want to snap a zillion pictures with the flash, so the quality isn’t crazy high.

First, here’s the poster:
Hockey Hall of Fame

And a slideshow of the rest of my photos from the Hall of Fame, and the game:

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