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 Uncategorized 30 November 2009

I’m back from my DTD status, with a slightly revamped look for Big Red Machine (if you’re reading this in RSS, please make sure to take a look).
As a result of not having seen any of the three games this week due to travel for the holidays, airport woes, and …

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 I'm a terrible blogger 27 November 2009

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday.
I’m listing myself as day-to-day for this weekend’s games, retroactive to Wednesday.  I may or may not be able to catch tonight’s game against Calgary, and same goes with tomorrow versus St. Louis.

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 Uncategorized 25 November 2009

Elliott Friedman and Cassie Campbell interviewed Darren Helm today on Hockey Night in Canada Radio on Sirius.  You can listen to it here.  They talk about coming back from injury, playing with Draper and Eaves, the PK, and Pavel’s level of fitness.
He’s the complete opposite end of the spectrum from …

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 Uncategorized 24 November 2009

Back at the beginning of the month, Justin Bourne (a former minor leaguer, now hockey blogger and writer/columnist for USA Today) wrote a piece about homophobia and gay slurs in hockey.  He stated that “It’s time to acknowledge we’ve been unfair to the gay community, that the culture of our …

Post Thumbnail of Red Wings at Predators, 23 November
 game recap 24 November 2009

Is it just me, or do the Wings seem to keep coming up against hot goalies recently?  Or at least goalies who really grab the opportunity by the throat.  Recently it’s been Auld, Price, Clemmenson, and now Rinne who have had really good games against the Wings.
Also, news that Georges …

Post Thumbnail of Stars of the Week
 stars of the week 23 November 2009

My picks for Detroit’s stars for the week of 11/16-11/22.
#3: Darren Helm
I’m torn between Helm and Stuart here.  But Helm gets the nod because though he hasn’t been racking up a ton of points, he and the rest of his line with Draper and Eaves has looked great.  They’ve been …

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 Uncategorized 23 November 2009

Larry Brooks of  the New York Post thinks that the Detroit Red Wings should retire Brendan Shanahan’s jersey and raise it to the Joe Louis rafters alongside Howe, Abel, Lindsay, Delvecchio, Sawchuck, Yzerman.
It’s an interesting question, and one that will be pondered quite a bit this season, I imagine.
He’s a …

Post Thumbnail of Red Wings at Canadiens, 21 November
 game recap 22 November 2009

Oddly, I didn’t find myself feeling overly thrilled with this win.  It was likely overshadowed by the sick feeling in my stomach when Kronwall went down.  In one shift, Georges Laraque managed to high stick Darren Helm in the face, and get Nik Jr. with an intentional knee-on-knee hit.  There …

Post Thumbnail of No game wrapup
 I'm a terrible blogger 21 November 2009

I came home last night just in time to see the Red Wings lose to the Panthers in OT.
I’ll probably catch the re-run on NHL Network, but there won’t be a game recap from me on this one.
Now, back to watching Michigan/OSU.

Post Thumbnail of Brad May on HNiC Radio
 Uncategorized 20 November 2009

CBC’s Jeff Marek (@jeffmarek) did an interview with Brad May on HNiC Radio the other day.  They covered a multitude of topics, from the disallowed goal against Dallas, Battle of the Blades, to tossing the bucket during a fight, and wearing visors (it cracks me up that May wears his …

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