Blackhawks at Red Wings, Home Opener, 8 October

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I unfortunately wasn’t able to watch the game live and had to DVR it.  Which led to me finding out the score ahead of time.  Oh well, at least I knew we won…

Goals were as follows:
Detroit – Nicklas Lidstrom (pp; Williams, Zetterberg); Draper (Maltby, Ericsson); Franzen (pp; Holmstrom, Datsyuk)
Chicago – Patrick Sharp (Versteeg, Seabrook); Kris Versteeg (pp; Sharp, Barker)

  • Which, I have to say, made that 5-3 much less nerve-wracking.  At least a little.  Let’s just say that was a reaffirming moment for special teams.
  • Kronwall had a solid game, as did Stuart.  According to the boxscore Kronner had 2 blocked shots, but he was great on that 5-3 PK.
  • Ozzie looked pretty good, out on top of the crease and challenging shots.
  • I really hope Ericsson isn’t hurt too badly.  Really unfortunate that he got hit in the same foot as in Sweden.
  • I know it’s kind of a subjective stat, but Detroit had 18 giveaways?? Chicago had 16.
  • Detroit got outshot 34-23.
  • Loved seeing Bertuzzi and Williams buying into the Red Wings way and making an effort to backcheck and be defensive.
  • That goal by Draper was a helluva shot.  Looked like it went straight through Huet.
  • Great to see Lidstrom get point number 998.  Here’s to hoping he hits 1000 soon.
  • Unsurprised to see Brad May get into a fight.  What was surprising was how articulate he was in the intermission interview.  He was clear, succinct, and most importantly, doesn’t mumble!  (I’m looking at you, Dan Cleary).

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