Post Thumbnail of Red Wings at Oilers, 29 October
 game recap 30 October 2009

I’m still wrestling with how I feel about this.  Oh, irritated that we lost, for sure, but am I less annoyed because we came back from a 0-4 hole to tie?  Or am I just as pissed as I would be usually, given the train wreck that was the first …

Post Thumbnail of Red Wings at Canucks, 27 October
 game recap 28 October 2009

Red Wings won!  Red Wings won!  If we’re this excited about a win in October, can you imagine what Leafs fans felt like the other day when they won their first of the season?
Goals were as follows:
Detroit: Tomas Holmstrom (Zetterberg, Datsyuk); Niklas Kronwall (unassisted); Pavel Datsyuk (Williams, Ericsson); Pavel Datsyuk …

Post Thumbnail of Helm Scratched
 Uncategorized 27 October 2009

Update before tonight’s game…
Helm’s a healthy scratch.
Per Chris McCosky of the DetNews:
“Anytime you miss training camp, especially when you are a kid, it’s tough,” Babcock said. “Helm, on this team in my opinion, should be pushing for third-line center, not battling to be the fourth-line center.
“So, he’s going to get …

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 Uncategorized 27 October 2009

Apologies for having gone AWOL for a short while.  Real life has gotten very busy as of late, compounded with some horrific losses by the Red Wings, and I’ve not had much time (or desire, to be perfectly honest) to blog.
Looks like there are some line changes for tonight’s game …

Post Thumbnail of Worth a small chuckle on a dreary Friday
 Uncategorized 23 October 2009

Vancouver Province:
Samuelsson’s experience showed Wednesday in the 3-2 win over the Blackhawks. The night may have belonged to Roberto Luongo’s saves and Willie Mitchell’s hit, but it was Samuelsson who won it.
…In the third, Samuelsson deftly picked off a brainless Brian Campbell drop pass which he saw coming from Kalamazoo. …

Post Thumbnail of Avalanche at Red Wings, 18 October.
 game recap 18 October 2009

Well that was… unsettling.  Matt over at On The Wings and George at Snapshots pretty much sum up exactly how I feel about last night’s game.
Goals were as follows:
Detroit – Justin Abdelkader (Helm); Todd Bertuzzi (pp; Zetterberg, Cleary); Filppula (Williams, Leino)
Colorado – Cody McLeod (O’Reilly); Matt Duchene (Clark); Cody McLeod …

Post Thumbnail of 1000
 Uncategorized 15 October 2009

Nicklas Lidstrom scored the 999th and 1000th points of his career tonight at The Joe Louis against the LA Kings.
He is the 8th defenseman in history to achieve this milestone, and the first European defenseman.
Congratulations to Nick.

Post Thumbnail of Moving Forward
 Uncategorized 15 October 2009

I didn’t post any thoughts or comments on that absolute crap-show that was Tuesday’s game against Buffalo because to be honest, I didn’t really have any at the time other than, “Well that sucked.”  Majorly.  Probably three players on the entire team bothered to show up at all.
Defense needs to …

Post Thumbnail of Capitals at Red Wings, 10 October
 game recap 10 October 2009

Well that was a nice win.  I miss seeing the Mule out there.
Goals were as follow:
Detroit: Ville Leino (Cleary, Filppula); Jason Williams (pp; Kronwall, Filppula); Holmstrom (pp; Datsyuk, Rafalski)
Washington: Matt Bradley (Poti, Gordon); Brendan Morrison (pp; Ovechkin)
Some thoughts (most of these I also Twittered during the game):

I liked seeing the …

Post Thumbnail of Deep Breaths...
 Uncategorized 9 October 2009

I’m not going to freak out, I’m not going to freak out, I’m not going to–
Oh hell.  I’m freaking out.
Via John Hahn in the Red Wings’ Communications department:
Red Wings forward Johan Franzen has suffered a torn ACL in his left knee and expected to be out of the lineup a …

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