Clawing his back back from obscurity

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H/T to Babcock’s Death Stare for the tip off that Dan Cloutier is attending Red Wings’ training camp on a tryout.

As with most of us, I think the thing we think of immediately when considering Dan Cloutier is this:

Apparently Cloutier called the Red Wings and asked if he could come on a tryout. What, is he dillusional? Did all the media hyperbole about how bad the Red Wings’ goaltending is going to be this season convince him that he has a shot? Sure, the goaltending situation is a little more questionable than is has been in past years, but it’s certainly not desperate enough that they’d go to Dan Cloutier of all people.

Does he actually think he has a chance, or is he just hoping to be relevant again? If he seriously wanted to try and gain a spot via tryout, why wouldn’t he have contacted a team that has much more questionable goaltending? Colorado is still stuck with Peter Budaj and picked up Craig Anderson during the off season.

I hope someone brings up the Lidstrom goal during training camp.

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